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Want to go from brunette to blonde? 5 things you need to consider…

We’re about to embrace the summer months, which for brunettes can often be tempting: warmer, longer evenings just scream BLONDE.

However, going from darker to light is also pretty complex.

Thankfully, we spoke to colourist Rachel Byrne from Shush Hair Design, asking her to share her expert advice. Here are her top five factors to consider when changing your hair colour from brown to blonde…

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  1. Hair colour history – It is extremely important for your stylist to research your hair before you jump on the blonde bandwagon. If you have coloured your hair previously, or there is a build up of product/colour in your hair, it can be extremely difficult to remove and could affect the outcome of your new colour. Your stylist will discuss all this during your consultation and let you know if you are a suitable blonde candidate.
  2. Condition of the hair – This will determine how quickly you can make the change. A quick transition to blonde would involve a lot of stress on the hair and could result in your hair snapping. Therefore, we would suggest you take it slowly and opt for subtle highlights through the hair and lighten the ends with an ombre effect rather that a quick fix.
  3. Budget – A quick fix is possible as we mentioned, but not only will it cause damage to your hair but it will also set you back! So, why not spread out your appointments and that way you will know how much you’re spending each time you visit the salon.
  4. Desired shade – The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing a suitable blonde colour, but it is important that you stick to a shade that will suit your skin tone. Ashier tones would suit natural blondes but if you are naturally quite dark, opt for golden tones through your hair. Those of you with a pale Irish skin tone, you can pull off a pale yellow blonde.
  5. Lifestyle – Maintaining your new blonde hair is key. You need to be willing to look after your new colour in order for it to last. A good conditioning treatment should be used at least once a week to prevent hair breakage and extra care should be taken when blow-drying and styling.

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