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Here’s why you definitely DO need to go to the salon more often

Along with some resolutions – ones that may or may not stick – one thing that we can embrace in the New Year is a fab new do’.

Definitely, there is nothing better than a fresh chop for your locks. Indeed, it’s an essential that far to many of us gals avoid until absolutely necessary. 

Along with a reason for a night out after an afternoon in the salon (to show of your new style of course) there are a lot of benefits to updating those locks…

So why do I need a chop? 

Banish those split ends 

While not always obvious, split ends are there and avoiding them will only make them worse. Reduce the frizz and trim off an inch or two for a dreamy sleek style that you won’t regret. 

Refresh your style 

Sick of the same style you’ve had for years? Why not update your look – it’s a lot cheaper than updating your wardrobe. Embrace a new style and get a chop, it will turn heads and can even change up your facial features. 

Benefit hair growth

Yes we know how loco this sounds, but believe us a trim will help those locks GROW. By banishing split and scraggy ends your locks will be stronger and less prone to breaking. Take of half an inch and it will be back in no time, and this time stronger and healthier. 

Inject some much-needed volume

If you are a long-haired gal like us, you may notice your hair is a little limp and lacking volume at the root. The best way to add some life into your locks is to chop in some layers and thin out the heaviness. Layers lighten the hair and keep it fresh and full of body, just what we all want.  


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