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Haircuts for every Face Shape…

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 13.47.15Whether you have a round, heart, square or oval shaped face, there will always be haircuts that don’t do you any favours. So we have put together a list of cuts that will suit each individual face shape and flatter your features. If you are unsure of your face shape, take a look at this chart…


Mila-Kunis-face-photos.-01Round shaped face

If you have a round shape face, we recommend going for a cut that is asymmetrical. This will add more texture and body to the hair, the layers should be uneven and by adding a side fringe, you will add more shape to the face. We suggest keeping hair long, as a long straight look will make the neck appear longer and your face will look slimmer. It’s all about adding angles when it comes to cutting and styling for a round shaped face. Celebrities with round shaped faces include Mila Kunis and Emma Stone.


Oval shaped faceJessica+Alba+Premiere+Sony+Pictures+Classics+3eJAMu_HQail

For an oval shaped face, we suggest adding a full fringe, by adding a fringe you are shortening the length of the face. Short styles suit an oval shaped face, by adding layers around the face, you are filling in the sections of the face where it is thinnest. A top tip is to use a volumizing spray on the roots before blowdrying to add lift and body to a oval shaped face. Celebrities with oval shaped faces include Elle McPherson, Jessica Alba and Victoria Beckham.




Heart shaped face

If you have a heart shaped face, you are narrow at the chin and slightly wider up at the brows. Most heart shaped faces have amazing cheekbones and a strong jaw line. It is important to balance out these features. Just like a round shape face, adding a side fringe will help emphasize your cheekbones and draw attention to them. If you really want to show off your features, you can opt for a short pixie cut, but this is only for those of you that are quite brave, this would not be suitable for any of you that are a little shy! Famous faces with heart shaped faces include Reese Witherspoon and Kourtney Kardashian.



Square Shaped Face

Those of you with square shaped faces will notice that your face is quite angular with a strong jawline. To soften the jawline, we recommend you add short layers, the first layer should start at your chin, no shorter. To change the square shape, you can opt for a side parting which will mix up your facial proportions and showcase your face. Celebrities with a square shaped face include Olivia Wilde and Kiera Knightley.

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