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Get On Trend Hair This Season Thanks To Tatiana Karelina

With Summer fast approaching and Coachella kicking off festival season this weekend, here at GHI we are looking for some serious Summer Hairspiration. The lovely ladies at Tatiana Karelina have put together an incredible tutorial to show us how to achieve two seriously on trend styles – Space Buns and Chunky Braided Pony.

The Space Buns 
This on trend style is one of our favourite twists on the half up half down trend. Keep hair off your face while letting your locks flow in the back.

Achieve this look using these quick steps –

  1. Tatiana achieved Sophie’s ‘space buns’ by applying a touch of dry shampoo on the roots to create more of a grip and to add volume to her head of hair.
  2. Once the hair is parted in the middle and sectioned the top of the hair into two ponytails (one on each side of the head).
  3. “Spray the hair with a bit of a sea salt to add the texture.” Says Tatiana.
  4. Teeze the ponytails with the backcomb brush, twist them into the buns and fixed with hair pins.
  5. Finish with the spritz of hairspray.

To make Sophie’s hair look more full and luxe, Tatiana then attached a clip-in piece which was matched in colour to her hair to the bottom layer to ensure her look lasted and looked seamless.

 The Chunky Braided Pony. 

Mail Attachment 1

Doina’s look features a chunky braid that is mixed with a lot of our natural hair. “Adding a bit of extra hair to Doina’s braid creates a strong feminine look that stays in tact all day” Explains Tatiana. 

The Clip-in braid (our favourite hair accessory at the moment) adds more thickness, that lovely braided detail whilst still leaving all the natural hair out ensuring that Doina’s hair looks full on the top as well as on the bottom.

Achieve this look using these quick steps – 

  1. Pull the hair into a ponytail. 
  2. Attached the braid on to the ponytail we fixed first.
  3.  Braided the clipin with your own hair which will allow it to blend and merge into the hair naturally.
  4. Fix with elastic and a touch of hairspray to tame the flyaways

 Doina’s braided hair do uses a clip-in extension which Tatiana was the first to introduce in an exclusive line which was tailored to the size of the client’s head and matched perfectly to their hair colour and texture. You can check out her shop here.

You can visit Tatiana’s Instagram for more inspiring looks here.

Tatiana Karelina, who uses 100% Russian Virgin Hair, has salons in London, Manchester and one opening in LA in August. Today we spoke to Tatiana about completing a couple of striking looks on Made in Chelsea starlet, Sophie Hermann and fashion influencer and model Doina Ciobanu.

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