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Tresses like Anna: five foods for truly FABULOUS hair

Today we’ve got that Friday feeling and are coveting the gorgeous locks of Anna Kendrick.

But given just how glossy her particular mane is we reckon we’re really going to have to go that extra mile to get her fabulous look.

Because guess what – you can fork out and use the most expensive products available but if your diet isn’t on point your hair is going to struggle to be at its best.

Sure, the odd cheeky chipper or pizza binge isn’t going to do much harm, however, if you’re lacking in healthy fats and vitamins your tresses will be far from fabulous.

Here’s what to tuck into…

Eggs: full of protein – and protein means healthy hair.

Spinach: iron-rich leafy greens are a must if you want full tresses.

Blueberries: vitamin C is needed to absorb iron. Read… the likes of blueberries are vital.

Salmon fillet: say hello to omega-3 – and enjoy wonderful hair in the aftermath.

Oysters: a lack of zinc can lead to hair loss and a dry, flaky scalp – stay topped up with oysters.

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