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We’ve ALL regretted a hair-cut: 4 things to consider before taking the plunge

We think it’s fair to say we all at some stage had that impulse moment where we decided to get a new drastic hair cut… without fully thinking it through.

And afterwards we probably cried a little and began a hunt for either hair extensions… or else a very large hair.

So we can all agree that chopping off your tresses is one decision that requires extensive thought and research.

Here are our four top tips to consider beforehand…

blonde hair

1) Invest time in research: If you want to revamp your hair by getting a new drastic chop it’s very important you spend the time researching exactly what look you want. The best ways to get inspiration is by looking through different magazines, websites and really discover what you want your new look to be. This will be time well spent.

2) Seek professional opinions: Before you even consider getting your haircut you MUST have a consultation. It’s so important that you discuss your new look with your stylist and seek their professional opinion. By doing so they will be able to talk you through the process and inform you of things you weren’t aware of like the level of maintenance and styling advice that you might not have considered beforehand.

3) Know your face shape: Everybody has different face shapes so it’s important to discover what yours is. The look that suits your friend that you desperately want just might not suit you. Your stylist will be able to inform you on your face shape and what looks will complement your features and what looks to avoid.

4) Think before you jump: Remember it’s your hair. So no matter what anybody says it’s you who will have to wear it. Don’t rush into any decision, take some time to think, and be sure it’s what you want to do.

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