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If you’re looking for 2017’s hottest trend – it involves STICKERS

Stickers; something that brings us back to our childhoods and reminds us of our toddler nieces all at the same time. 

Still, it now appears that stickers have a brand-new role in our lives… namely that they’re intrinsically linked to 2017’s HOTTEST hair trend (which we’re ALL about here at GHI).

Yes, a quick glance at Instagram this evening shows that stickers stuck to your strands is fantastically in vogue right now.

But if you’re thinking subtle detail alla Kylie Jenner 18 months ago – think again. This time around, the stickers in questions are colourful and VERY Asian.

“NYC hair stylist Allen Thomas Wood recently took to Instagram to share a peek at the creative style he put together using tiny, colorful Japanese stickers,” PopSugar has reported.

And as is often the case with all this hair, Mr Wood says a bit of give and take is needed.

“Some did not stick as easily as expected,” he answered in a comment.

“I used the tail of a comb to press them into the hair.”

Duly noted, Allen! What do you guys reckon… will you be trying out this trend this festival season?

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