Salon of the Month

And our Salon of the Month is… Di Milo Hair Design

Last week the U.K. election may have stolen the headlines but today Great Hair Inspiration has another important result to announce: our Salon of the Month!

We’ve counted your votes and though it was pretty close, we have a winner. Congratulations to Donnybrook’s very own Di Milo Hair Design!

When stylist Jean Lynch first opened Di Milo’s doors in 2006, it was as a small operation above a busy café in the South Dublin village.

But as Di Milo’s reputation grew, so too did the business. In 2013, the salon moved to its current premises and now has a staff of 16 on its dedicated team.

Di Milo specialises in Gold Fever hair extensions and the team focuses on making every client’s experience a personal one.

Its hard work and friendly touch has definitely paid off, winning Image Best Salon award in 2015 and 98FM’s Best Salon in 2016.

Di Milo is open weekdays from 7am and from 8.30 on Saturdays. More information about the salon and its stylists can be found here.

Congrats again to Jean and her wonderful team! You truly deserve to be our Salon of the Month.

Polls are now open for our June competition so don’t forget to cast your vote!

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